The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) is mandated as the nodal agency for the implementation of the “Suryamitra Skill Development Programme (SSDP)”. The Suryamitra Skill Development Programme is designed to prepare the candidates for the renewables energy market as technicians and entrepreneurs in Solar Energy sector.

A total of 30 Training Partners implement the upskilling trainings for Suryamitras with following support:

  • Training of Trainer (ToT) programme for two of their Suryamitra trainers.
  • PV-Port as residential PV rooftop training system.
  • Provision of metering equipment for practical exercises in small groups.
  • Provision of training materials as references.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic the actual planned training programme has been redesigned a series of live virtual classes. An onsite PV-Port installation training will be organized to a later stage when the circumstance will improve.

The objectives of the course are:

  • upgrade technical and business skills
  • install and market the ‘PV-Port’ solar system
CertificationRENAC, SCJG
LocationVirtual live training
TrainingVirtual live / face-to-face training
Target group80 Suryamitras Master Trainers, nominated by 30 Training Partners
  • Performing sizing and design calculations correctly
  • Upgrading and filling gaps in technical theoretical knowledge
  • Developing Entrepreneurial/ Business Skills
  • Installation of a PV Port System
ExpertsFrank Jackson, Arunachalan Karthikeyan, Dr. Christoph Müller
Duration6 days (4 hours) virtual / 2 days face-to-face

Each training is designed for a maximum of 25 participants and will be led by a Suryamitra Master Trainer. An international trainer is coaching as a technical and a didactical expert. 

Location30 Training Partner Institutions in 16 States
TrainingVirtual live / face-to-face training
Target group1.5000 Suryamitras
  • Training on PV Port
  • Installation and Entrepreneurship Skills on PV Port System
ExpertsSuryamitra Master Trainers
Duration10 / 60 days physical training

Mentoring and coaching is offered as expert advice on the job to the Master Trainers to gradualy improve their rooftop training activities. 

Location9 Training Partner Institutions
TrainingVirtual live / face-to-face training
Target group18 Surymitras Master Trainers nominated by 9 Training Partner Institutions
  • Mentoring of Suryamitra Master Trainers  
  • Consulting of Training Institutions on dual TVET approach
ExpertsArunachalan Karthikeyan
Duration3 days

iRISE is offering to DISCOM empaneled installers the following capacity building features:

  • Training material for Trainings “Rooftop PV Performance Optimization”
  • Implementing of two-days practical training
  • Upskilling engineers on E-mobility
LocationGERMI / Gujarat
Training2 virtual or face to face trainings
Target group40 DISCOM empaneled installers
  • Enabling DISCOM engineers to deliver high quality PC rooftop inspections  
ExpertsInternational and national experts (tbd.)
Duration3 days

E-Mobility is an emerging momentum in India and regulations have been published in the recent past. Training institutions and their trainers need to cater to the new requirements of the market.
DISCOM engineers gain knowledge on the impact of increased E-Mobility and charging infrastructure on the distribution grid via RENACs E-Learning Platform.

LocationE-Learning platform RENAC
TrainingE-Learning module, online
Target group40 DISCOM engineers
  • Introduction on E-Mobilty   
  • Charging infrastructure and the integration of PV into the energy supply of these charging stations
ExpertsInternational and national experts (tbd.)
Duration40 hours

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