iRise: Indian Rooftop PV Installers Skilling and Employment

iRISE 2020 - 2022

What is iRISE about?

A well-working PV installation is not only a matter of technology, but also of qualified and skilled installers and engineers. iRISE focuses on upskilling Indian Solar installers (Suryamitras) and companies. Therefore it offers measures such as training-of-trainers, hands-on trainings, mentoring and study tours to Germany demonstrating the German dual VET apprenticeship experience. The project will improve the opportunities for Indian PV installers in the emerging job market and enhance the market development.
iRISE is part of the Indo-German Solar Partnership and supports the "Skilling India“ initiative targeting 500 million skilled workers to be placed in appropriate employment by 2022. The Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG has been awarded by GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) to successfully implement iRISE.


Abishek Dalal
Jr. Technical Expert
Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale
Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 
Mobile: +91 7206660171
Email: abishek.dalal[at]


Katie de Albuquerque
Head of Division
Solar Energy / Rural Electrification 
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 36
Email: albuquerque[at]


The Project aims at multiple stakeholders

The iRise project offers a wide range of key activities, each adapted to the different stakeholders.

Qualifying Suryamitra Trainers

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic the actual planned training programme has been redesigned a series of live virtual classes. An onsite PV-Port installation training will be organized to a later stage when the circumstance will improve.

The objectives of the course are:

  • upgrade technical and business skills
  • install and market the ‘PV-Port’ solar system
CertificationRENAC, SCJG
LocationVirtual live training
TrainingVirtual live / face-to-face training
Target group80 Suryamitras Master Trainers, nominated by 30 Training Partners
  • Performing sizing and design calculations correctly
  • Upgrading and filling gaps in technical theoretical knowledge
  • Developing Entrepreneurial/ Business Skills
  • Installation of a PV Port System
ExpertsFrank Jackson, Arunachalan Karthikeyan, Dr. Christoph Müller
Duration6 days (4 hours) virtual / 2 days face-to-face

Upskilling Suryamitras in installation and Entrepreneurship

Each training is designed for a maximum of 25 participants and will be led by a Suryamitra Master Trainer. An international trainer is coaching as a technical and a didactical expert.


Location30 Training Partner Institutions in 16 States
TrainingVirtual live / face-to-face training
Target group1.5000 Suryamitras
  • Training on PV Port
  • Installation and Entrepreneurship Skills on PV Port System
ExpertsSuryamitra Master Trainers
Duration10 / 60 days physical training

Creating a pool of highly-trained PV inspectors

iRISE is offering to DISCOM empaneled installers the following capacity building features:

  • Training material for Trainings “Rooftop PV Performance Optimization”
  • Implementing of two-days training


LocationGERMI / Gujarat
Training2 virtual or face to face trainings
Target group40 DISCOM empaneled installers
  • Enabling DISCOM engineers to deliver high quality PC rooftop inspections  
ExpertsInternational and national experts (tbd.)
Duration3 days

Building a training infrastructure for (solar) E-Mobility

E-Mobility is an emerging momentum in India and regulations have been published in the recent past. Training institutions and their trainers need to cater to the new requirements of the market.
DISCOM engineers gain knowledge on the impact of increased E-Mobility and charging infrastructure on the distribution grid via RENACs E-Learning Platform.

LocationE-Learning platform RENAC
TrainingE-Learning module, online
Target group40 DISCOM engineers
  • Introduction on E-Mobilty   
  • Charging infrastructure and the integration of PV into the energy supply of these charging stations
ExpertsInternational and national experts (tbd.)
Duration40 hours


The IRISE Policy training targets staff of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and National Institute of Solary Energy (NISE) in India. It is about successful renewable energy policies and international good practice exchange. Implementation is planned for August – September 2021.

Training2 trainings
Target group

30 scientists and newly hired staff of MNRE / NISE

  • e-learning focusses on: policy frameworks for renewable energy power generation
  • Live classes focusses on: global trends in RE landscape and policy overviews
ExpertsTobi Couture
Duration40 hours online; 3 half days live virtual classes


Within the PV Installation Quality and Performance Initiative, the development of an innovative serious game training concept for a virtual real-world learning experience on high-quality PV rooftop inspections is planned.

Training1 serious game
Target group100+ engineers from DISCOMs and EPCs
  • a visually intriguing and realistic online game, which will entice, demonstrate to and test participants on the standards and procedures required for PV inspectors
ExpertsInternational and national experts from RENAC and ESPOTO
Duration40 hours online; 3 half days live virtual classes


This IRISE module is about upskilling DISCOM engineers and other target groups on design, planning and business development for rooftop PV systems.

LocationGERMI / Gujarat / or online
Training5 days presence / or online if needed
Target group80 graduates interested in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, SCGJ training partner faculties, industry representatives, university faculties, DisCom engineers, etc.
Content To provide knowledge and skill required
  • to venture into solar rooftop market
  • to lead the enterprise,
  • prepare the feasibility study report,
  • to manage the complete rooftop solar PV project lifecycle, in compliance with all relevant codes, standards and safety
  • to project costing and financing
  • to actively participate in the growing Indian solar market.
ExpertsNational and international experts (tba)
Duration5 days

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