Energy Innovation Coach

Application for participation in a sponsored training programme

What is the energy innovation coaches programme?

RENAC facilitates a training and mentoring programme for Energy Innovation Coaches (EIC). The idea is to ramp up the PV market by fostering knowledge exchange, linking stakeholders, and enabling idea generation. EICs shall consult companies on energy supply with PV, solar thermal and optimizing their energy consumption by energy efficiency measures. After attending the programme EICs shall be in the position to consult the building sector as well as industry and commerce on renewable energies (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) by:

  • evaluating the energy supply and the possibilities for the application of PV and solar thermal,
  • identifying the possibilities where and how much energy can be saved,
  • giving a comprehensive overview of buildings and industrial processes and their weak points,
  • showing how economical the individual energy-saving options are,
  • suggesting concrete measures to supply energy using RE and to save energy by EE.

The planned programme will support EICs to prepare for their consultancy tasks with several capacity building and mentoring activities. A broad experience in energy topics combined with a certain seniority will be a precondition to apply for participation.

Planned Activities

Planned capacity building and mentoring activities:

  • capacity needs assessment of preselected participants,
  • development of training programme for EICs,
  • online training programme with exam on RE and EE topis (technology and economics),
  • Face-to-Face training on PV and EE,
  • evaluation of energy monitoring and consultancy exercises,
  • mentoring of first consultancies with companies.

Application Form - PV Iraq Energy Innovation Coach

Deadline for submission: 24th October 2021.
After evaluation of the applications all applicants will receive a note about their application status.
The online trainings are expected to start in November 2021.
This training program is eligible only for citizens of Iraq or other nationalities who are based in Iraq for long term.
Personal Information
This training program is eligible only for
citizens of Iraq or other nationalities
who are based in Iraq for long term.
Professional Information
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