Energy Innovation Coaches

a sponsored training programme

Apply now for a free energy audit carried out by the Energy Innovation Coaches

We are looking for companies that are interested in receiving an energy audit. It is a unique and win-win opportunity – for your company to receive a free of charge consultation and an energy audit with recommendations, and for our Energy Innovation Coaches to gain valuable practical experience.

Could your company benefit from an energy audit? We are looking for companies in Iraq that are keen to improve their energy performance and would be interested in receiving an energy audit free of charge.

If this applies to you, please take some minutes to fill out our short questionnaire under the following link: Energy Innovation Coaches Mentoring Programme (

In order for your company to be considered, please fill-in our short questionnaire by 30th of April 2023.

The Energy Innovation Coaches Training Programme is being implemented by RENAC (Renewables Academy) within the “Market and business development for solar power in Iraq” Project on behalf of the European Union (EU), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
The aim of this programme is to strengthen capacities and enable participants to successfully perform energy audits and consult Iraqi entities, decision makers, and clients on energy efficiency and renewable energy options to improve energy performance of buildings and industry.

The Energy Innovation Coaches Mentoring Programme is the final activity in which we will support and guide our newly trained Energy Innovation Coaches in the preparation, implementation and evaluation of an energy audit. Participants will be matched to companies for whom they will perform an energy audit.


RENAC facilitates a training and mentoring programme for Energy Innovation Coaches (EIC). The idea is to ramp up the PV market by fostering knowledge exchange, linking 
stakeholders, and enabling idea generation. EICs shall consult companies on energy supply with PV, solar thermal and optimizing their energy consumption by energy 
efficiency measures. After attending the programme EICs shall be in the position to consult the building sector as well as industry and commerce on renewable energies (RE) 
and energy efficiency (EE) by:

  • evaluating the energy supply and the possibilities for the application of PV and solar thermal.
  • identifying the possibilities where and how much energy can be saved.
  • giving a comprehensive overview of buildings and industrial processes and their weak points.
  • showing how economical the individual energy-saving options are.
  • suggesting concrete measures to supply energy using RE and to save energy by EE.