Grid-connected rooftop PV system inspection (3 Days)

Inspectors Training (IN)

About the training

Trusting the performance of rooftop PV systems is one key factor for their promotion. By qualifying engineers to perform effective inspections this trust will be increased among all GRTPV stakeholders (end-users, EPCs, investors, political decision makers, etc.). Mainly targeted towards inspectors of the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) this training is open to other inspecting bodies as well. After the training participants will be more effective and confident on the job by knowing the latest technology developments and the current international and Indian standards, rules and regulations. They will also receive a new practitioner’s handbook that will serve as a day to day tool.

Inspectors trainings

CodeDateLocationCapacityApplication deadlineApplication
IN-120. - 22.03.2018Delhi1612.03.2018Fully booked
IN-2 23. - 25.08.2018Delhi2016.08.2018Fully booked
IN-327. - 29.08.2018Delhi2020.08.2018Fully booked
IN-403. - 05.10.2018Delhi2026.09.2018Apply here
IN-508. - 10.10.2018    Delhi2001.10.2018Apply here
IN-6to be confirmedto be confirmed16to be confirmedApply here

Target groups and certification

This training is suitable for professionals interested or already involved in rooftop PV system inspection. Basic knowledge of PV technology and systems is required to actively follow and be involved in the training.

After successful completion of the training participants will receive an internationally recognised RENAC certificate of attendance.

Learning objectives

Participants will learn to perform & document high-quality rooftop PV system inspections and:

  • Recognise different module technologies and their particular features
  • Describe the specific purpose of different plant performance indicators
  • Assess electrical Single Line Diagrams (SLD) for relevant code-compliance
  • Explain how strings are designed based on specific technical behaviour of PV modules
  • Evaluate the inverter design based on the DC side selection of strings and module technology
  • Identify the main protective measures for electrical safety
  • Calculate the electrical load flow for various points of connection and metering schemes
  • Discuss the main aspects of grid-connection
  • Compare the formats and content of meteorological data for solar resource assessment
  • Apply the concept of performance ratio while understanding the limitations of this model
  • Predict estimated energy yield and derive actual system performance

The participants of this course will reach these objectives through mutual exchange of knowledge, practical application in case studies and exercises led by experienced trainers.

Methods and resources

Each training is designed for a maximum of 16 participants and will be facilitated by two trainers, one German and one Indian. Combining Indian and international expertise will enhance the learning experience of the participants through cross-fertilisation with multi-national knowledge, experiences and perspectives. The interactive approach to the training uses case studies, system visits, discussions, etc. and allows participants to instantly test and try their new knowledge.

The training and all training materials will be delivered in English.


There are no training fees for the participants. These are covered fully by the TROPHI scholarship programme. This includes all course materials (colour printed hard copies), all training equipment as well as catering (lunch, coffee/tea, snacks) for the duration of the training.
Personal expenses such as travel and accommodation for the duration of the training are not included and have to be paid by each participant individually.


Mr. G Naga Brahmam
Sr. Executive
Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer India
Tel.: +91 40 64 645 26 066
Mobile: +91 98 49 935 962
Email: naga[at]


Lars Koerner
Project Director
Tel: +49 (0) 30 526 895 881
Email: koerner[at]

Gerhard Rauch
Project Manager
Tel: +49 (0) 30 52 689 58 91
Email: rauch[at]

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Impressions of the RENAC seminars


The seminar transfers critical knowledge of renewable energy technologies and practical solutions to energy management problems in my country.

Kitisak Nokyou, Thailand, P3-Berlin "Renewable Energy & Grid Integration / Energy Transition", 2015

I became aware how the VRE can fit into the grid with flexible conventional power plant.

Rudi Irawan, Indonesia, P3-ManGrid-IDN "Management Aspects of Renewable Energy Grid Integration", 2015