Climate Protection through Sustainable Bioenergy Markets in Viet Nam (BEM)


What is BEM?

BEM is a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). With GIZ Viet Nam as the implementing institution and the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) as lead executing agency, BEM assists in improving the preconditions for a sustainable use of biomass and biogas for electricity and heat generation in the country. Within the BEM project structure, a ‘Bioenergy Expert Pool’ works closely with actors in Vietnam to ensure systemic implementation of all actions. RENAC in cooperation with E.Quadrat and AD Solutions will coordinate the activities of this highly experienced group of international bioenergy and finance specialists.


BEM was designed in recognition of Viet Nam’s great potential for bioenergy. With ample resources such as bagasse, rice husks, wood residues and other agricultural/industrial by-products, biomass and biogas are predestined to serve as significant vectors on the country’s path to a carbon neutral future.

The Vietnamese government has taken major steps to exploit said potential and support bioenergy development. According to the revised National Power Development Plan VII and the Renewable Energy Development Strategy, Viet Nam aims at increasing its biomass energy share in power production substantially: 1 per cent in 2020 to 2.1 per cent in 2030 and to 8.1 per cent in 2050.


In order to reach its bioenergy development goals, specific action areas have been defined for Vietnam: (1) Spreading information on the potential as well as the feasibility of bioenergy projects in Vietnam, (2) enhancing institutional structures for planning and licensing, especially at the provincial level, (3) Sharing the international bioenergy community’s experience with financial institutions interested in investing in new and existing power plants, and (4) creating access to the world’s most sophisticated technology networks in the field of bioenergy.



BEM is structured to bridge the divide between the vast potential for bioenergy in Vietnam and the current installed biomass and biogas capacity by answering to the identified needs for bioenergy development. To this end, the international expert pool coordinated by RENAC will carry out the following measures:

  • Awareness-raising measures on bioenergy on different levels
  • Consultations with public entities on ways of streamlining the process for licensing bioenergy plants
  • Training project planners in the methodology of feasibility studies for bioenergy plants
  • Upskilling financial institutions in evaluating and processing bioenergy financing mechanisms
  • Setting up technology transfer networks allowing for a sustainable dialogue between Vietnamese and international actors.


What does BEM offer?

BEM supports key stakeholders from the public and private sectors in Viet Nam. It provides them with capacity-building measures tailored to the needs of the nascent bioenergy sector in the country. 

Since 2020, RENAC has accomplished various activities as part of the BEM project.

  • Conducted e-learning capacity building and comprehensive training programmes. These programmes included online training and virtual classroom sessions and seminars. They were designed for policymakers, project developers, and financial sector professionals.
  • Presented at the Biogas Symposium 2022. RENAC experts discussed biogas applications for large-scale power generation.
  • Attended policy dialogue events and gave presentations on bioenergy topics.
  • Contributed to the publication, EPC and Technology Providers for Biomass & Biogas to Power Projects in Viet Nam



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