Green Banking - Trainings on Green Energy and Climate Finance

The successful programme - now available worldwide

Due to the successful implementation and conduction of the project “Green Banking - Capacity Building on Green Energy and Climate Finance” in Southeast Asia, RENAC is now amplifying and extending their training offers in the area of Green Energy Finance in Green Banking.

With our capacity building programmes in the field of Green Energy and Climate Finance we aim to globally

  • Increase the availability and use of financing instruments for RE and EE projects
  • Increase the willingness of financial institutions to get involved in RE and EE finance
  • Facilitate the accessibility to global climate finance options

Why Green Banking?

Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) investments are growing tremendously all over the world providing new business opportunities in the financial sector. The trainings offered by RENAC promote the possibility to keep track with the state of the art of RE and EE finance, to network and seize new business opportunities in growing green markets.

What does Green Banking offer?

Participants will gain specific know-how in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, as well as appropriate risk evaluation and mitigation schemes. The development of private sector finance instruments for climate change mitigation will be fostered and the readiness to leverage national credit lines with international climate change mitigation schemes will be increased. Knowledge about existing international climate change mitigation funds and the available access opportunities will be disseminated.

Target groups:

  • Commercial banks
  • Development banks
  • Private equity, risk capital and infrastructure funds
  • Institutional investors
  • Utilities
  • Project Developers

Green Banking trainings commercially available

Online Training: Applying Green Energy Finance


  • 12 weeks Online Training
  • Learning at any time and place
  • Support via email and online forum
  • Live virtual classrooms and online lecturers
  • Self-evaluating quizzes at the end of each chapter
  • Assignments after each module

Choice of two different packages

Package 1: Renewable Energy Finance (RE)

  • Introduction to RE projects and technologies
  • RE project finance
  • Standard contracts in RE projects
  • RE support mechanisms

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Package 2: Energy Efficiency Finance (EE)

  • Introduction to EE projects and technologies
  • Appraisal of EE projects
  • Energy audits and ESCOs
  • EE support mechanisms

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Complementary modules for both Learning Paths:

  • Political and market frameworks
  • Overview on international climate finance
  • Case studies


Face-to-Face Seminar: Green Energy Finance

  • 3 days Face-to-Face Seminar
  • Hands-on training:
    o Group and partner work
    o Presentations
    o Open discussions
    o Practical computer-based exercises

Day 1: Fundamentals

  • RE Markets and Green Energy Finance
  • Fundamentals of RE technologies
  • Institutional frameworks and financing conditions
  • Project risks and mitigation techniques

Day 2: Project Finance & Valuation

  • Cash Flow planning and valuation
  • Project financing sources
  • Due Diligence

Day 3: Financial Modelling

  • The RENAC Financial Model
  • Financial modelling
  • Case Study exercise

Accredited Green Energy Finance Specialist Programme

  • Accredited by Financial Accreditation Agency
  • In depth knowledge on RE and EE finance topics
  • Blended Learning concept (Online Training combined with F2F Seminar) including final exam and graded certificate

Main Topics:

  • Fundamentals of RE and EE technologies
  • Political and legal market frameworks
  • Project financing and project valuation (RE and EE)
  • Financial modelling
  • International climate finance options

Online Training

  • 8 modules, 20 weeks
  • Assessment after each module
  • Live virtual classrooms and online lectures
  • Support via email and online forum

Face to Face Seminar

  • 3 days seminar
  • Hands-on training and practical exercises
  • Final Exam on day 3

Katharina Hartmann
Coordinator Green Banking Trainings
Email: hartmann[at]

Green Banking email address:

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