Delegation Trip to Germany – Exchange between Australia and Germany on Energy transition - Power system design and security of electricity supply


To achieve climate neutrality by 2045, the new federal government in Germany has adopted very ambitious measures to speed up the energy transition. These include the increased expansion of renewable energies, such as wind and solar. The increasing share of weather-dependent renewables places great demands on the German power system to ensure supply security as it works to meet the climate neutrality target. The energy crisis that Germany and neighbouring European countries have been facing since the beginning of 2022 increases the need to action and accelerate measures for realising a climate-friendly transformation of the power sector.

As part of a four-day tour, delegates from Australia met with experts from Germany to discuss challenges and opportunities that arise from increasing shares of renewable electricity in the power system and increasing electrification. They delved into topics related to the power market, electricity prices for industry and private households, renewable energy system integration, and system security.


  • Presentations by German stakeholders on regulatory, technical, and economic issues facing the German power system.
  • Meetings with power sector executives from Germany and site visits.
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and networking opportunities with policymakers and industry stakeholders seeking to advance the energy transition.
  • Group discussions and workshops that aimed to turn learning into actionable items.


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"In a word, the delegation trip was "rewarding." The logistics of the event were organised extremely well by RENAC. The lineup of speakers and learning opportunities was excellent. The coverage of the energy industry from the Government to end-use customers was extremely well thought out. The direct learning from the presenters was most rewarding, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and asking questions. RENAC facilitated the ability to exchange ideas and information professionally. Also important was the facilitation of future network opportunities. The important challenge of transitioning energy systems to meet climate change objectives is greatly assisted by the exchange of information and ideas facilitated by RENAC. I would highly recommend the delegation exchange organised by RENAC."

Rob Faunt, Australia, Technical Regulation Director, Department for Energy and Mining, South Australia, 2022

"The RENAC team developed a wonderfully engaging program for our Australian delegation that I will always remember. I left the week with a true sense of the German energy journey."

Ben Skinner, Australia, General Manager Policy & Research, Australian Energy Council, 2022

"I thoroughly enjoyed the recent expert delegation to Berlin. It was brilliantly organised by RENAC and provided an excellent opportunity to meet German and Australian energy experts to discuss challenges with the energy transformation in the two countries."

Reinhard Struve, Australia, Manager Infrastructure, Department for Energy and Mining, South Australia, 2022

"A well-organised and concise trip to learn about the challenges and developments in the German energy sector. Good takeaways for what we can apply in Australia—and also where Germany can learn from the Australian experience. Well organised and executed, RENAC team!"

Jan Rieche, Australia, Executive Manager Regulatory Strategy and Policy, H2U - The Hydrogen Utility 2022

"The delegation organised by RENAC was an amazing experience to meet local experts across government and industry to discuss policy, technology and regulatory settings that are common global issues. Using their extensive network, RENAC was able to coordinate and pull together a seamless few days where we could easily get into the discussions relevant to our group. It was a great opportunity to make new connections not only locally but also amongst our delegation."

Adam Clarke, Australia, Manager of Planning and Policy, Energy Corporation of NSW, NSW Government, 2022


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