Energy efficiency

For individuals

The most economical and climate-friendly kilowatt hour is the kilowatt hour that we do not consume.
Over 30% of the global final energy consumption can be accounted to buildings. Thus, the possibilities to reduce the energy consumption in buildings are enormous.

RENAC’s courses provide you with architectural design principles and an insight into modern technologies for ecological buildings which are also displayed in RENAC’s Training center. In the building sector the political framework is of particular importance. Hence, the assessment of the energy performance of buildings as well as policy design techniques for promoting energy efficiency are dealt with in RENAC’s courses.

In industrial sectors energy efficiency is of increasing importance due to regulations while an enhanced energy efficiency can also be a completive advantage especially in energy intensive sectors.  
RENAC’s courses enable you to classify the technical and economic saving potential of energy efficiency measures with regard to cross-sectional technologies. Furthermore, energy management systems are dealt with in RENAC’s courses. They offer a systematic approach to enhance energy efficiency in an organization.   

All ready-made training courses on energy efficiency

Seminar Type of training Next Date  
Applying Energy Efficiency Online 01.10.20 Details & Dates
Heat Pumps Online 01.07.20 Details & Dates

Practical training at RENAC’s Training Centre: Energy efficiency

Energy efficiencynergy Efficiency in the Built Environment

  • Understand the impact of climate on the energy use in a building
  • Gain an understanding of the state-of-art approaches to the design of buildings
  • Be able to conduct an energy demand analysis
  • Be able to design a building considering both passive and active EE principles
  • Be able to integrate renewable energy systems into buildings
  • Be aware of the key IT tools for analysis, design and monitoring EE

Energy Efficiency in Industry & Commerce

  • Understand the technical and organisational measures to reduce energy demand
  • Know the technical fundamentals and necessary conditions to implement EE technologies and systems
  • Know the EE industrial processes related to: Heating, Electric drives, Pumps, Cooling / chilling, Ventilation, Compressed air, Lighting
  • Calculate the economics of energy efficient technologies and measurements

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"The technical expertise of the instructors and varied experiences/ backgrounds of the other course participants led to interesting questions, discussions and knowledge that would not have been possible in my normal professional setting."
Matthew Wise, USA, Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies, 2018

"One of the best training courses I have participated in! Great mixture of theory and practise taught by great people."
Participant, Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies, 2017

"The reception and the contents of the seminar were excellent. Staff and lecturers went out of their way to meet our demands and answer our questions."
Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies participant, 2017

"It has been a wonderful experience for me [...] with exclusive trainers and staff, and with a great audience of multi-national business professionals."
Adnan Göçhan, Turkey, 2018

"I had an overall great experience on the programme. The role play is definitely the highlight since it's quite a new method that i experienced. Well put together."
Melati, Indonesia, Overview of Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings, 2017

"One of the best things about this training is the combination of high-level theory and practices and the high amount of knowledge we gained in the field trip."
Anonymous, GESS IIIb: Introduction to Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy, 2018

"Very informative and interesting courseware backed by excellent support from team of experts who are always available and ready with answers to our questions."
Sameer Mehta, India, Online Training, 2018

"CRGM is very well organised and it guides you step by step to understand the concept of grid management starting from the very basic idea of grid synchronization to the overall view of an interconnected power grid [...]."
Adel Osman, Senior Technical Engineer, Egypt, Certified ReGrid® Manager, 2016