With roughly 8 GW of offshore wind capacity in operation and deployment targets of 40 GW of offshore wind power capacity by 2035 and 70 GW by 2045, German policy makers and energy players have a successful history of developing, installing, operating, and maintaining offshore wind projects. Canada, on the other hand, has significant potential for offshore wind energy development, which can be tapped into to serve not only domestic demand but also foreign markets through the production and export of renewable hydrogen. Still in the early stages of creating a market for offshore wind, the country is in a favorable position to benefit from the experiences and lessons-learned from offshore wind development in Germany and Europe. 
With the goal to better understand and navigate a constantly evolving landscape of offshore wind farm needs, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action was pleased to welcome the expert delegation from Canada to this knowledge exchange. This delegation trip is part of a broader scale effort to strengthen the energy cooperation between Germany and Canada, encourage the exchange of ideas, and promote policy and technology expertise.


  • Presentations on the regulatory, technical, and economic issues facing the offshore wind market in Germany.
  • Meetings with offshore wind energy experts and executives from Germany.
  • Site visit to large-scale offshore flagship projects along Germany’s wind-rich northern coast.
  • Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and networking opportunities with stakeholders from policymaking and industry seeking to advance the offshore wind deployment. 
  • Discussions aiming to turn learnings into actionable items.


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"I participated in this trip because the program looked extremely well organized and informative. And I was not disappointed. RENAC planned the trip so well, and executed flawlessly, which isn't always easy with a group of 15 people. I have come away from the trip impressed by what Germany has accomplished with its offshore wind industry and its all-encompassing drive toward achieving net zero, and appreciative that Canada has such a strong partner that can provide advice and support as we attempt to stand up our offshore wind and hydrogen industries in Atlantic Canada." 

James Wooder, Canada, Commissioner, Offshore Wind Community Liaison, Unama'ki Institue of Natural Resources, 2023

“This delegation trip has been an incredible opportunity to network across all levels of government, research, and the private sector while seeing developing technologies and changing needs for energy in real time. As a whole, the trip really gave an insightful and holistic view of the industry; from how it was developed, through current times and goals for the future. All of the presenters were incredibly transparent with their answers and it allowed for honest conversation and ultimately builds a lot of trust. I wholeheartedly recommend others in the industry to participate in such a trip. Networking across government, research, and the private sector is invaluable. This delegation trip expanded my knowledge and enriched my professional journey. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to applying the insights gained as we develop offshore wind in Canada."

Ashley Noseworthy-Board member, Board member, 2023

"During our exchange in Germany, I was able to build lasting working relationships with colleagues in the renewable energy sector from both Germany and Atlantic Canada. This exchange was an immersive education in offshore wind, but it taught me so much more. Our time together in Germany demonstrated how important it is to work collaboratively to address energy security and the need to develop renewable energy sources to address the climate emergency. I left this trip with inspiration and encouragement to carve our path forward in the offshore wind sector. Taking what I’ve learned back home to Unama’ki – Cape Breton, our team will be able to better engage with organizations and communities locally, understand the opportunities green energy offers our region, and build meaningful local and international relationships for the benefit of our region and the world. Our team is truly grateful for this experience and would like to thank RENAC for the opportunity."

Jennifer MacNeil, Green Energy Engagement Coordinator, Cape Breton Partnership, 2023


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