Fundamentals of Renewable Energy

Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Ecuador


The five-day seminar “Fundamentals of Renewable Energy” will give an overview on the commercially viable renewable energy technologies. Technologies will be explained by experts in the field, giving the participants important information on the technical point of view of how the different energy sources are converted, harnessed, transmitted and managed. Furthermore, participants will gain an in depth understanding of the economic potentials, the social and ecological benefits of renewable energy. The five-day seminar is perfect for those who want to get an overview of renewable energies and a better understanding of relevant aspects related to specific technologies.

Content and country specific technology focus

The five-day seminar starts with a short general overview on the commercially viable renewable energy technologies photovoltaics, wind, small hydro, biogas, CSP, solar thermal and solar cooling. Participants will obtain a general understanding of topics such as: the peculiarities of an energy supply system with distributed energy generation, the positive external effects of renewable energy (social, ecological and economic) and the methodology of calculating Grid Parity and Fuel Parity.

The main focus of the seminar will be on specific renewable energy technologies: Experienced experts in the respective field will explain in detail their technical functionality, their economic viability as well as the possibilities and boundaries of their applications. The course will cover topics such as: components, application and market development, quality, standards and certification, resource assessment, renewables potential methodology, calculation of annual energy generation, investment and operation costs, expected future development of costs and costs of energy and profitability and finally, project planning and development, implementation and management.

It will focus on specific technologies that might differ from country to country according to a needs assessment that RENAC did in the first half of 2014. For further information about the country specific technology focus, please check the Trainings in Partner countries.

Note: RENAC might adapt the seminar plan according to country?specific needs and /or participants’ requirements.

Target Groups

The five-day seminar on “Fundamentals of Renewable Energy” is targeted at professionals from the public and private sector with political responsibility and management skills working in the field of energy who are interested in acquiring the basic knowledge on renewable energy technologies. These professionals may come from the following backgrounds:

  • Lawyers
  • Economists
  • Scientists
  • Political scientists


At the end of the seminar:

  • Participants will be familiar with commercially viable renewable energy technologies
  • Participants will have a fundamental understanding of the peculiarities of the energy supply system with distributed energy generation and/or with fluctuating renewable energies
  • Participants will have a broaden knowledge of specific renewable technologies, their technical functionality, their economic viability as well as the possibilities and boundaries of their applications
  • Participants will extend their knowledge on project planning and development of renewable energy projects, implementation and management


  • Course materials are provided in English; participants will receive colour printed hard copies (no files)
  • Lecturers will present in English; simultaneous translation will be provided (according to country specific needs)

Duration and number of participants

The seminar lasts 5 days and is designed for up to 15 participants.


The location for the seminar will be in the partner country. Participants will be informed in due time about the details of the venue for the seminar.

Requirements for participants

  • Participants have to apply online and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship
  • For information about deadlines for application please check the respective country website (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru and Ecuador)
  • Participants should be willing to attend the whole seminar, find solutions through group work, to present results and to discuss solutions
  • Good English proficiency is an advantage
  • RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form, e.g. ensure that the participants are part of the target group. Participants accepted for a training will receive a confirmation email from RENAC.

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