Planning of PV-Diesel-Hybrid Systems



The 3-day seminar “Planning of PV-Diesel-Hybrid Systems” offers its participants the opportunity of learning about hybrid systems based on photovoltaic and Diesel technologies.

Content of the seminar

The seminar will be based upon a case study of an existing Diesel powered mini-grid of around 1 MVA, e.g. of a manufacturing plant or an isolated island grid. Participants will learn about the properties of Diesel powered mini-grids that are relevant for the introduction of renewable energy into the system, e.g. fuel consumption under partial load states, etc. Experts in the field will then explain to participants in detail the sizing process of hybrid Diesel-PV systems and the currently available range of technologies and their possibilities and limits. Starting with the recording of load profiles and ending with the actual Diesel fuel consumption that can be achieved.

The seminar is rounded up with an economical evaluation of the designed PV-Diesel-Hybrid system and the participants will discuss the economic feasibility of such systems.

The seminar specifically focusses on systems without storage systems (“Fuel saver”). If time permits, storage systems and their effect on the economic feasibility of a hybrid system will also be discussed.

Target Groups

The 3-day seminar on “Planning of PV-Diesel-Hybrid Systems” is targeted at professionals from the public and private sector who are interested in acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge regarding hybrid systems based on photovoltaic and Diesel technologies.

These professionals may come from the following backgrounds: ?

  • Engineers / technicians at ministries
  • Engineers / technicians at regulatory institutions
  • Engineers / technicians at transmission & distribution grid operators
  • Utility companies
  • Project developers


At the end of the seminar:

  • Participants will be familiar with the topology of PV-Diesel hybrid systems and its components
  • Participants will understand the fundamental aspects related to the planning of hybrid systems based on photovoltaic and Diesel technologies
  • Participants will be able to assess the economic effects of combining a PV system with an existing Diesel mini-grid.


  • Course materials are provided in English; participants will receive colour printed hard copies (no files)
  • Lecturers will present in English; simultaneous translation will be provided (according to country specific needs)

Duration and number of participants

The seminar lasts 3 days and is designed for up to 15 participants.


The location for the seminar will be in the partner country. Participants will be informed in due time about the details of the venue for the seminar.

Requirements for participants

  • Participants have to apply online and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship
  • For information about deadlines for application please check the respective country website (Philippines)
  • Knowledge of renewable energy technology (attendance of basic seminar P1 / On1 or availability of comparable know how)
  • Participants should be willing to attend the whole seminar, find solutions through group work, to present results and to discuss solutions
  • Good English proficiency is an advantage
  • RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form, e.g. ensure that the participants are part of the target group. Participants accepted for a training will receive a confirmation email from RENAC.

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