Technical Aspects of Renewable Energy Grid Integration

Thailand, Mexico, Ecuador


The three-day seminar “Technical aspects of Renewable Energy Grid Integration” offers renewable energy education from a technical point of view, where its participants have the opportunity of learning about the integration of photovoltaic and/or wind systems into the transmission or distribution grid.

Experts in the field will explain in further detail important aspects of grid integration of PV and/or wind systems. These aspects encompass many important technical topics regarding: fundamental components (such as: inverters and/or types of generators), the appropriate quality standards and certification for the equipment, important concepts like grid frequency and voltage control, how to monitor and control grid connected generation units, the grid codes for low, medium and high voltage grids, and finally how systems are integrated into the grid (large number of units and rooftop systems). In order to prevent accidents and secure electric systems, the seminar includes a topic on the adequate protection measures that need to be considered and implemented, establishing correct standards for maintenance through appropriate settings.

The seminar is recommended for those who are interested in obtaining specific knowledge on technical aspects related to the transmission grid operation and grid integration of fluctuating renewable energy resources.

Content and country specific technology focus

The seminar starts with an explanation of fundamental concepts and basic operation of the main components of a photovoltaic and/or wind systems such as inverters for PV plants and/or wind generators in wind farms. An overview of quality standards and certification of the components is also included in the seminar.

Experts in the field will explain important aspects of the transmission grid like the frequency of the grid and voltage control via stationary and dynamic stabilization (e.g. Fault Ride Through). The experts will also provide information on important topics of monitoring and controlling of grid connected generators, as well as on the grid codes for low, medium and high voltage grids. Furthermore, the lecturers will focus in great detail on grid integration, explaining the system integration studies of large units connected to the transmission grid and the integration of roof top PV-systems connected to the distribution grid.

Finally, the seminar includes topics on protection measures that must be implemented, establishing the appropriate technical standards for maintenance and avoiding islanding through the appropriate settings. It will focus on specific technologies that might differ from country to country according to a needs assessment that RENAC did in the first half of 2014. For further information about the country specific technology focus, please check the respective country website (Thailand, Mexico and Ecuador).

Note: RENAC might adapt the seminar plan according to country?specific needs and /or participants’ requirements.

Target Groups

The three-day seminar on “Technical aspects of Renewable Energy Grid Integration” is targeted at professionals from the public and private sector working in the field of energy who are interested in acquiring technical knowledge regarding the integration of large amounts of fluctuating renewable energy resources to the transmission/distribution grid. These professionals may come from the following backgrounds:

  • Engineers and technicians at ministries
  • Engineers and technicians at regulatory institutions
  • Engineers and technicians at transmission and distribution grid operators
  • Project developers
  • Utility companies


At the end of the seminar:

  • Participants will extend their knowledge on PV- inverter and/or generator technology for wind power as well as on the quality standards and certification
  • Participants will be familiar with concepts such as frequency and voltage control, stationary and dynamic, Fault Ride Through
  • Participants will have a general overview on how grid connected generation units are monitored and controlled
  • Participants will have a fundamental understanding of the grid codes for low, medium and high voltage grids
  • Participants will obtain a broaden knowledge of integration to the grid for large units connected to the transmission grid and roof top PV-systems connected to the distribution grid
  • Participants will be able to differentiate various protection methods and components for the systems
  • Participants will be familiar with the maintenance of systems through technical standards, avoidance of islanding and settings


  • Course materials are provided in English; participants will receive colour printed hard copies (no files)
  • Lecturers will present in English; simultaneous translation will be provided (according to country specific needs)

Duration and number of participants

The seminar lasts 3 days and is designed for up to 15 participants.


The location for the seminar will be in the partner country. Participants will be informed in due time about the details of the venue for the seminar.

Requirements for participants

  • Participants have to apply online and accept the terms of reference for the scholarship
  • For information about deadlines for application please check the respective country website (Thailand, Mexico and Ecuador)
  • Knowledge of renewable energy technology (attendance of basic seminar P1 / On1 or availability of comparable know how)
  • Participants should be willing to attend the whole seminar, find solutions through group work, to present results and to discuss solutions
  • Good English proficiency is an advantage
  • RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form, e.g. ensure that the participants are part of the target group. Participants accepted for a training will receive a confirmation email from RENAC.

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