Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP)

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Solar thermal energy offers a zero-carbon solution to meeting a large proportion of industrial heating demands in countries worldwide. Solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP) can generate water and steam with temperatures of up to around 260 °C.

Despite its potential and economic and environmental benefits, current deployment levels remain low. One reason for this is the need for more knowledge about this technology among key stakeholders such as building services engineers and other engineers, energy managers in industry, industrial plant owners, bankers, and investors.

This course is for those who want to understand when, why, and how SHIP can provide a practical and economically attractive alternative to heat production from fossil fuels.

The topics covered are:

  • Introduction to solar heat in industrial processes (SHIP)
  • SHIP collector technologies and storage systems
  • System design
  • Practical considerations to ensure good system performance
  • System economics

It is useful to have a basic technical understanding of solar thermal technology as well as heating processes in industry to follow this course.

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After completing this course, participants should be able to:

  • provide examples of industrial processes that are suitable for SHIP,  
  • describe solar thermal collector technologies that can be used for SHIP,
  • explain the basics of SHIP system design and feasibility analysis,
  • describe the important practical considerations of SHIP to ensure good system performance,
  • explain useful key performance indicators (KPIs) for performing an economic analysis of a SHIP proposal and
  • describe the conditions that make SHIP installations economically attractive investment propositions.

This course suits those who:

  • work in the solar thermal sector and want to learn more about the possibilities that SHIP offers,
  • are industrial plant owners, building services engineers, or energy managers in industry considering SHIP applications and systems,
  • are bankers or investors who want to learn more about SHIP opportunities or
  • are renewable energy and climate project developers and other professionals working in financial institutions, consultancies, and public organisations who want to learn more about implementing SHIP.

Duration: About 4 weeks.

Study time: About 15 hours.

Training language: English.

Price: 286€*

Detailed course description: an overview of the course is available for download.

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Solar Heat for Industrial Processes (SHIP)


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Raquel Cascales
Project Director E-Learning and Blended Learning
Tel: +49 (0)30 58 70870 46
Email: onlineacademy[at]

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