Mobile Exhibition

What is the mobile exhibition on grid integration of wind and solar?

The mobile exhibition on grid integration of wind and solar has been developed under the CapREG programme “Capacity Development on Renewable Energy and Grid Integration”. The exhibition consists of 15 information banners (80 cm x 200 cm) and is available in English and Spanish. It shall contribute to a better understanding of power systems, based to a large extent on fluctuating renewable energy sources such as wind and PV. The highly complex topic is hereby formulated in a way that is intelligible to a broad audience with little or no technical background.

Content of the mobile exhibition on grid integration of wind and solar

Renewable energies have experienced significant development in recent years and in many countries have become an economically viable alternative to fossil fuels for the production of electricity. Today, photovoltaic (PV) and wind power stations are producing electricity in large quantities and feeding it safely into power grids. However, the fluctuating character of PV and wind energy changes the flexibility requirements of power systems and their components. Grid extension, energy storage systems, flexible generation using conventional power systems and demand side integration are required. Furthermore, forecasting of renewable power generation and voltage control through distributed renewable power stations have to be implemented. With an increasing proportion of PV and wind energy in the electricity grid, a thorough understanding of the peculiarities of such an energy system is needed to ensure continuous and safe operation of the electricity grid (for more details see: Mobile Exhibition.

The “Grid Integration of Renewables” exhibition, shall contribute to a better understanding of such power systems. The content is hereby formulated in a way to be understood by a broad audience with no or little technical background. Very complicated concepts are simplified as far as possible and reduced to their essential principles to make it easier to understand.

Rent the mobile exhibition

  • The mobile exhibition will be presented in the seven CapREG partner countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.
  • Institutions willing to rent the exhibition in one of the respective partner country can contact our local cooperating partners in the respective countries (see below).
  • The mobile exhibition is available in English and Spanish.
  • The renting of the mobile exhibition is free of charge. Only the transportation costs to/from the place of presentation have to be carried by the renting institution.

How to rent the mobile exhibition?

For the documentation of the exhibition the renting person / institution is expected to take at least 6 distinctive photographs (giving an impression of the exhibition and showing the state of the banners). RENAC will be authorized to use these photos for its work and representation. The renting person / institution is responsible for picking up and bringing back the exhibition to our local cooperating partner. Once the exhibition is handed over, the renting person / institution is responsible for proper handling of the exhibition and returning it undamaged and in neat condition. Neither RENAC nor the local cooperating partners of RENAC are liable for any damage incurred to property or to third parties in the context of the storage and loan of the exhibition.

Should you have any questions or comments regarding the exhibition please contact our CapREG team at: capreg[at]


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