Grid integration of renewable energy

For individuals

System integration of variable renewable energies is becoming increasingly important because wind and solar energy will account for more than 80% of global capacity growth from renewable energies over the next five years (source: IEA 2017).

RENAC offers blended learning trainings for those who like to plan and operate power supply systems with large amounts of variable wind and PV. These trainings prepare for current and future tasks and for those who want to become or remain leading experts in the energy sector.
Trainings will cover residual load approach, feed-in time series, short-term power forecasts, reliable generation capacity, balancing dimensioning, advanced inverter and generator technology, voltage and frequency control in transmission and distribution grids, grid code compliance procedures, study approaches as well as strategy implementation.

RENAC uses its training center equipment with a three phase grid connected double fed induction wind power generator, three phase 50 Hz mini grid and long distance transmission lines.

All ready-made training courses on grid integration of renewable energy

Seminar Type of training Next Date  
Synergies between Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
Flexible Grid Infrastructure and Management Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
Digitalisation and Smart Technologies for the Power Sector Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
Power-to-X: Applications and Cost Development Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
The Integration Costs of Wind and Solar Power Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
Inertia Requirements for Renewable Power Systems Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
Protection Systems in low and medium Voltage Grids Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates
Battery Energy Storage Systems for Grid Ancillary Services Online 01.07.24 Details & Dates

Practical training at RENAC’s Training Centre: Grid integration of renewables

  • Role of power electronics in a DFIG wind turbine
  • Frequency and voltage control strategies with wind turbines
  • Voltage control measures with capacitors and coils, reactive power management
  • Voltage control with distributed generation

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"The technical expertise of the instructors and varied experiences/ backgrounds of the other course participants led to interesting questions, discussions and knowledge that would not have been possible in my normal professional setting."
Matthew Wise, USA, Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies, 2018

"The professionalism of the trainer and the combination of theory and practice were important in my learning. It was more than a certificate"
Constanza Correa, Colombia, 2022

"The professionalism of the trainer and the combination of theory and practice were important in my learning. It was more than a certificate"
Constanza Correa, Colombia, 2022

"It has been a wonderful experience for me [...] with exclusive trainers and staff, and with a great audience of multi-national business professionals."
Adnan Göçhan, Turkey, 2018

"I participated in the GEFS program to expand my knowledge of Green Energy Finance, specifically renewable energy financing. Overall, the GEFS program has allowed me to gain a better appreciation of renewable energy financing, from the technology and process to operations, contracting, financing, and eventual decommissioning. I believe the GEFS program is highly comprehensive and has a broad industry scope that applies to renewable energy practitioners worldwide."
Paulo Esmaquel, Green Energy Finance Specialist, 2023

"Having recently developed a keen interest in Renewables and Green Energy, along with a plan to begin investing in the sector, I discovered that the RENAC GEFS course outline adequately covered my areas of interest. The material was presented in an organized and cohesive manner, and my favorite module was the one on RE project financing.
The learning experience has had an immediate impact on my daily professional activities. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in this sector."
Eshiet Solomon, Commodity Trade Finance, Methana Energy, Green Energy Finance Specialist, 2023

"I had an overall great experience on the programme. The role play is definitely the highlight since it's quite a new method that i experienced. Well put together."
Melati, Indonesia, Overview of Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings, 2017

"One of the best things about this training is the combination of high-level theory and practices and the high amount of knowledge we gained in the field trip."
Anonymous, GESS IIIb: Introduction to Grid Integration of Variable Renewable Energy, 2018