Supporting local renewable energy empowerment in Mozambique

What is the GreenSkills4Dev Project?

The GreenSkills4Dev Programme is designed to support different educational sectors in Mozambique with a strong focus on digital learning and capacity building in renewable energy. Local people with local knowledge are best suitable to develop a decentralised renewable energy structure in rural regions in Africa.

As a partner we will assist institutions in:

  • Implementing a Blended Learning Master Degree together with the Eduardo Mondlane University Mozambique on Renewable Energies
  • Supporting local training institutions to set up renewable energy trainings
  • Providing Trainings tailored online and virtual workshops to the private sector (PayGo Companies, investors and decision makers)

As a participant you will take part in:

  • Online training courses
  • Tailor made live virtual courses (online workshops)
  • Virtual classrooms showcasing case studies
  • Train the Trainer Programme

RENAC is taking part in this project implemented by the GIZ by building up a solid base of know-how amongst private sector companies, students and by supporting local training institutions to offer practice-oriented training measures.


Who can participate?

The programme is tailored to suit the following audiences in Mozambique:

  • students enrolled in a Master Course at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo
  • investors and decision makers of the public sector
  • employees of the private sector working in the solar business (PAYGo companies, PV installers, banks, etc.)
  • nominated trainers from selected training institutions


Christiane Vaneker
Project Director
RENAC energy & climate gGmbH
Tel: +49 (0)30-587087014


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