Supporting local renewable energy empowerment in Mozambique

What is the GreenSkills4Dev Project?

The GreenSkills4Dev project is designed to support different educational sectors in Mozambique to build their renewable energy training capacities. Through a combination of online courses, live virtual workshops, and hands-on practical training it aims to enable local people with local knowledge to develop a decentralized renewable energy infrastructure in rural regions.


Who is participating?

The programme is tailored to suit the following audiences in Mozambique:

  • students enrolled in a Master Course at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo
  • investors and decision makers of the public sector
  • employees of the private sector working in the solar business (PAYGo companies, PV installers, banks, etc.)
  • nominated trainers from selected training institutions

Masters' Degree Blended Learning

Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

  • establishment of blended learning
  • provision of distance learning material
  • mentoring of lecturers in online teaching

What happened so far?

PayGO / Solar companies

  • 2 online courses on solar photovoltaic PV (PV technology and application)

Train-the-trainer Training

Training institutions / companies

  • train-the trainer support / further training
  • didactical / technical training
  • curriculum enhancement


What happened so far?

Public and private sector

Realisation of 3 virtual workshops:

  • Solar water pumping
  • PV business models
  • Renewable Energy in agriculture


Jens Brand
Project Director
RENAC energy & climate gGmbH
Tel: +49 (0)30-587087038


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