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The GreenSkills4Dev project is designed to support different educational sectors in Mozambique to build their renewable energy training capacities. Through a combination of online courses, live virtual workshops, and hands-on practical training it aims to enable local people with local knowledge to develop a decentralized renewable energy infrastructure in rural regions.

Online Courses for employees of the private sector working in the solar business (PAYgo Companies)

We are offering two online courses on solar photovoltaics that complement each other. These courses suit those who wish to learn more about the components making up a PV system, the wide-ranging applications of PV, as well as the basics of designing and sizing systems. As such, they are of interest to all solar company personnel, from installers and designers through to managers, and marketing and (technical) sales staff. These courses last 4 weeks each and have a workload of up to 5 hours per week. Each course includes a 90-minute live virtual workshop. Participants who pass the final exam will receive a RENAC certificate.

1. PV Technology Course


Start:  08 September 2021

This course is suited to all employees working with PV. It will give you an up-to-date take on the main components making up a PV system, including PV cells, PV modules, inverters, batteries, mounting structures, and cabling. This can be useful not only for selecting components in your own installations, but also in assessing the quality of components in existing installations.

The live virtual workshop for this course will cover topics ranging from the PAYgo mechanism to productive uses of energy such as solar pumping. You can help shape the content by posting your questions and thoughts in our online discussion forum. These can then be discussed in more depth during the workshop.


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2. PV Application Course


Start:  05 October 2021 /08 November 2021

This is a course for those of you who want to understand when, why and how PV can provide practical and economic solutions. It introduces a range of off-grid PV applications and explains for whom and in what ways they can be useful and beneficial. This course will also enable you to perform basic energy yield calculations and economic calculations to assess the attractiveness of a PV project yourself.

The live virtual workshop for this course will cover topics ranging from sales and customer services management to productive uses of energy such as solar cooling. Again, you can influence the content by posting your questions and comments in our online forum prior to the workshop.


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Deadline for participant nomination

The total number of participants for each course is limited to 50 people. Please nominate participants from your company by sending us the participant list by the following dates:

  1. PV Technology Course: 01.09.2021 (2nd Intake)
  2. PV Application Course: 28.09.2021 (1st Intake); 03.11.2021 (2nd Intake)

Due to limited spots we will invite participants according to the order laid out in your submitted participant list.

Selected participants will gain access to our online platform using their email addresses. Please verify that all email addresses are correct.


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