Solar thermal

For individuals

RENAC offers a variety of open trainings with focus on solar thermal that will suit your needs, whether you are new to renewable energy or wish to specialise further.

RENAC trainings in Berlin are an exceptional opportunity to get an insight into renewable energy and energy efficiency. Employing a blend of up-to-date theoretical lectures, state-of-the-art practical training and field excursions, RENAC makes learning not only effective but also very exciting.

The RENAC Online trainings are ideal for those who need to study with flexibility, at any time and from any location. They offer extensive individual support via the course forum and live lecturers, self-evaluation tests and video lecturers. The trainings are officially certified or in the process of certification by the "Staatliche Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht - ZFU" (German Authority for Distance Learning).

All ready-made training courses on solar thermal

Seminar Type of training Next Date  
Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies Face - to - face tbd Details & Dates
Applying Renewable Energy: Solar Technologies Online 01.10.23 Details & Dates
Applying Renewable Energy: Small-scale Systems Online 01.10.23 Details & Dates
Applying Renewable Energy: Complete Overview Online 01.10.23 Details & Dates
Certified Renewable Energy Project Developer: Photovoltaics Online 01.10.23 Details & Dates
Synergies between Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Online 01.02.24 Details & Dates

Practical training at RENAC’s Training Centre:
Solar thermal

  • Explain the functionality of a solar thermal installation for hot water
  • Define the function of each component: collector, storage tank, heat exchanger, pump
  • Calculate sizes for hot water consumption in residential and office buildings
  • Measure and plan solar thermal systems - using pre-installed and portable instruments
  • Assess the economics of solar thermal plants based on measured data
  • Detect faults in a system for water heating and correct errors

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"The technical expertise of the instructors and varied experiences/ backgrounds of the other course participants led to interesting questions, discussions and knowledge that would not have been possible in my normal professional setting."
Matthew Wise, USA, Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies, 2018

"The professionalism of the trainer and the combination of theory and practice were important in my learning. It was more than a certificate"
Constanza Correa, Colombia, 2022

"The professionalism of the trainer and the combination of theory and practice were important in my learning. It was more than a certificate"
Constanza Correa, Colombia, 2022

"I really liked the good organisation and the insight into the different renewable energy systems. "
Irina Santourian, Germany, 2022

"It has been a wonderful experience for me [...] with exclusive trainers and staff, and with a great audience of multi-national business professionals."
Adnan Göçhan, Turkey, 2018

"The trip to Feldheim, especially seeing the wind turbines, was my most memorable experience. The village demonstrates how possible it is to be self- sufficient where stakeholders are involved in solving some of the global climate challenges. Would recommend it to anyone working in sustainability"
Susan Nakuti Byakika, South Africa, 2022

"My most memorable experience was the practical training and the field trip to Feldheim. I was able to gain a better understanding of renewable energy technologies. "
Thobeka Mchunu, South Africa, 2022

"I had an overall great experience on the programme. The role play is definitely the highlight since it's quite a new method that i experienced. Well put together."
Melati, Indonesia, Overview of Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings, 2017