Co-Benefits activities and trainings in Mexico


Based on capacity needs assessments, bilateral meetings with major stakeholders and co-benefits council workshops, new country specific Co-benefits assessment reports will be developed for Mexico:

In an affiliated project in partnership with GIZ and the CONECC project, the Mexican government represented by SEMARNAT, IASS Potsdam is coordinating a series of assessment studies on the social and economic co-benefits of renewable energy and energy efficiency for Mexico (Co-Beneficios Mexico). Read more about the project and co-benefits assessments in Mexico:

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Two country-specific training seminars for Mexico are planned for phase 2 of the COBENEFITS programme. Due to international uncertainties relating to the COVID-19 disease, the face-to-face trainings will be conducted virtually until further notice. Specific dates and topics will be announced during the course of the project. Check here regularly for updates on forthcoming activities and trainings in Mexico.

DateTopicDurationAgendaDeadline for applicationOnline Application
07 – 09 December 2020Employment opportunities of renewable energy for Mexico – focus on assessing employment impacts3 half-daysClosedClosedClosed
22 - 24 March 2021Employment opportunities of renewable energy for Mexico on sub-national level3 half-daysClosedClosedClosed



"Excellent content, very useful tools and upstanding experts sharing updated knowledge. I congratulate myself for being a participant with highly valuable people. Congratulations to Renac for all aspects of the training."

Alejandro Contreras Cerdan, Employment opportunities of renewable energy for Mexico,
07 – 09 December 2020

"El entrenamiento fue muy útil para conocer la parte cuentificativa, muy buenas enseñanzas de los instructores. También fue interesante conocer los puntos de vista de los diversos particpantes."

Juan Carlos Alvarado Silva, Employment opportunities of renewable energy for Mexico,
07 – 09 December 2020

"Fue un evento muy enriquecedor, al ampliar de manera importante el concepto que tenía sobre el tema de los cobeneficios y como ponerle número a las opiniones subjetivas."

Martin Aguilar, Employment opportunities of renewable energy for Mexico,
07 – 09 December 2020

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