Online Training and Certificate: "COBENEFITS Specialist in Renewable Energy"

The online training format has been increasing in popularity. It allows participants to decide when, where and how they prefer to learn. The Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG is offering a modular online training in four steps on co-benefits of renewable energy for governmental departments and agencies in charge of climate and energy policies.

During phase 1 of the COBENEFITS programme, RENAC has conducted online training courses for over 1000 participants from India, Vietnam, South Africa and Turkey. The section below provides information on the COBENEFITS online training in phase 2.

OVERVIEW OF THE COBENEFITS Specialist Training Programme

Applicants from the IKI partner countries South Africa, Turkey, Mexico and Kenya are eligible to apply for the COBENEFITS online training. Training places are limited to 275. In case these places are not filled by eligible candidates from the afore mentioned partner countries, suitable candidates from ODA-recipient countries may apply for participation in the online training.

The COBENEFITS online training comprises four modules that each consist of several online courses. After successful completion of each training module, participants receive a RENAC certificate. Participants who finalise all four modules obtain the certificate COBENEFITS Specialist in Renewable Energy.

Training modules, courses, and dates for the COBENEFITS Specialist programme:

ModuleCourse / Study timeStartApplication

Renewable energy technologies – Introduction
(20 hours)

Co-benefits of renewable energy in climate change mitigation - Overview (20 hours)

Introduction to energy (10 hours)
15 October 2020Application phase closed

Policies and instruments to mobilise the social and economic Co-Benefits of renewable energy
(40 hours)

Climate finance (40 hours)

Policy frameworks for RE power generation
(40 hours)

17 December 2020Application phase closed

Methods and tools to quantify and communicate social and economic opportunities of renewable energy (20 hours)

Integrated Power System Planning with Co-Benefits (20 hours)

Intro course: Renewable energy grid integration (40 hours)

16 April 2021Application phase closed

Employment effects of renewable energy deployment – an overview (20 hours)

Methodologies for quantifying renewable energy employment impacts (20 hours)

Sustainable economic recovery with co-benefits of renewable energy (40 hours)

July 2021Application phase closed

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