CoBenefits in Turkey

Based on capacity needs assessments, bilateral meetings with stakeholders and cobenefits council workshop conducted in 2017, political priorities and co-benefits were identified by major political stakeholders and leading research institutions for Turkey:

  • Co-benefit 1: Energy supply security: Domestic renewable energy generation as opportunity for energy independence and reconciling the import / export balance
  • Co-benefit 2: Local economic prosperity and sustainable employment with RE: Employment generation induced by renewables + skills and education needed (employment opportunities)
  • Co-benefit 3: Renewable energy as opportunity for business and trade in Turkey (investment and innovation opportunities)
  • Co-benefit 4: Improving the local environment, air quality protecting the culture and increasing the quality of life of Turkish people with renewables

These will be explored in more detail in research projects by national knowledge partner in country specific co-benefits assessment reports.

Overview of trainings in Turkey

RENAC will realise the following face-to-face-trainings in Turkey

  • Each seminar is designed for up to 15 participants
  • The participation in the seminar is free of charge and includes materials (colour printed hard copies), coffee / tea breaks, lunch for the duration of the seminar
  • Course materials are provided in English
  • Lecturers will present in English
  • Turkish translation
  • Selected participants will be informed in due time about the details of the venue for the seminar
Deadline for applicationOnline application
24.+25.09.2019 Sustainable power system planning with Co-Benefits (Ankara)
2TR_1 Download15.09.2019closed
08.+09.10.2019 Applying and evaluating methods, tools and instruments to mobilise ambitious NDCs and climate change mitigation (Ankara)2TR_2Download23.09.2019closed


Focus on employment and industrial development opportunities (Istanbul)

2TR_3 and TR_4Download06.10.2019closed

How to register?

Interested key stakeholders and participants have to apply online and accept the terms of reference for applying to attend the training seminars. RENAC will choose participants according to the information provided in the application form, e.g. ensure that the participants are part of the target group. Participants accepted for a training will receive a confirmation email from RENAC.


Roman Buss, PhD
Project Director
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Charlene Rossler
Project Manager
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Pinar Ertör-Akyazi, Ph.D.
Sabanci University, Istanbul Policy Center
Minerva Han, Bankalar Cad. No:2, 34420, Karaköy/Istanbul, Turkey
Bogaziçi University, Institute of Environmental Sciences
Email: pinarertor[at]

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