Certificate: Co-benefit Specialist in Renewable Energy

India, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam

The global transition to renewable sources of energy, as a key action area for climate change mitigation, requires new professional competences and knowledge in the issue area of the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energies. The renewable energy sector is now attracting increasing investment flows worldwide. Along with these go potentially enormous social and economic opportunities such as public health, accelerating access to electricity, employment opportunities resulting from plummeting costs for renewable electricity and local value-creation. These co-benefits are becoming important parts of energy-policies and energy planning.

The online training format has been increasing in popularity because it allows participants to decide when, where and how they prefer to learn. RENAC is offering a three-step online training on co-benefits of Renewable Energy for governmental departments and agencies in charge of climate and energy policies for the first time.


CO-BENEFIT Specialist Training Programme

Step I
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Step II
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Step III
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The three modular online trainings are targeting energy and climate experts from India, Vietnam, South Africa and Turkey. With these online courses participants can acquire background knowledge and practical skills they need in their everyday work on reaping the benefits of renewable energy in their country context. After successful completion of the training modules, they receive a high-quality certificate that they can also use for their professional career. With the certificate they can prove to their employer that they have acquired the necessary specialist knowledge in dealing with co-benefits.

The Renewables Academy (RENAC) has many years of experience in distance learning via the internet. The comprehensive online training programme ensures that the knowledge on fundamental aspects of co-benefits and renewable sources of energy are transferred to a broader audience in the four partner countries. Within the COBENEFITS project, RENAC will realize several online trainings. Up to 750 persons from India, Vietnam, South Africa and Turkey may attend the online programme.


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Fees for participation in internet-based trainings are covered by the COBENEFITS project, including access to texts and videos, animations, questions for self-testing, online forum, final test and RENAC certificate. 

  • The online trainings will cover a wide range of important topics related to co-benefits, renewable energy and climate policies
  • Participants will need 10 to 40 hours to work through the material (reading, watching online lectures, self-evaluation and preparation for final exam) of each step
  • The participation in the online trainings is free of charge and includes access to texts and videos, questions for self-study, virtual classrooms, forum, final test and certificate
  • Participants can print out a personalized copy of the course materials in the form of PDF documents for personal use
  • Online Training materials are provided in English
  • At the end of the training, participants can take an exam and receive a RENAC certificate if the training is successfully completed
  • Participants can book and pass each step individually and receive a certificate for each step
  • Participants who pass all three training steps successfully will receive the certificate Co-benefit Specialist in Renewable Energy

RENAC staff and lecturers will offer extensive support all along the learning process via an online forum for question and answers.

Module II

CertificationTopicsStart date /durationApplication

Policies and instruments to mobilize the social and economic Co-Benefits of renewable energy (40 hours)

06 May /
18 weeks

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Climate Finance (40 hours)
Policy frameworks for RE power generation (40 hours)
Elective coursesAccessing the green climate fund
Green micro finance
Wind and PV grid integration

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